Saturday, April 25, 2015

Tales of MadSnapper

I was such a beautiful Baby but we were so poor my mother kept me in a basket. No wonder I am a "basket case"

I grew up in Hawaii but when I moved to the mainland I changed from hula dancer......

to a model.......

After a career as  a  SKY DIVER...I had to rest...

All this is only a dream and I grew up to be reader of books, Now If only I could stay awake long enough to read the book.. 

Thank you AdornaPic for helping me tell my story.

Sneaky Hubby took this pic of me about 8 years ago I think. Note a book not Kindle so we know it is more than 2 years old.

 Each day after lunch I pile up in my pillows and read my Kindle, and noonish on Thursday my eyes got heavy, I laid the Kindle in my lap and was in the never never land of deep doze and POW KABAM... a bolt of lighting shook every window in the house and scared the NAP right out of me.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Isn't She Lovely...

Paris? New York? 

Can you sing with me now... Isn't she lovely????

While digging in  Picasa to find old photos. I found this shot below of Baby Girl and thought how the heck did I do that.

I hunted through OLD posts until I found  Ready to Roll  on my other blog and discovered the How To Address.. 


I used AdornaPic which I have not touched since Feb 2014 and in the year since they have added LOTS OF NEW STUFF

LOOK OUT because I have Now Touched it AGAIN


Thursday, April 23, 2015

Will You Wait With Me?

Our Local, 1 mile from home Wendy's takes 1 minute per car to go through the line.. 
My math skills verified this because I was 9th in line with 4 behind me and it took me 9 minutes to get to the window and pay and leave...

Things to do while waiting 9 minutes...

1. Count Cars Waiting

2. Take photos of Goodwill Store and Parking lot (lucky you, I deleted them)
3. Take photo's of Tag numbers parked because the night before I saw them do that in a movie we watched. (lucky you, I deleted them)

4. Listen carefully to the woman in SUV that ordered for 2 adults 2 children. (I will spare you those details even though I know them)

5. Read sign and make decision I do NOT want the  new Cod sandwich combo advertised on the step in sign

6. Pull to the  crackling, hardly understand what they say, thingy and when the first thing out of her mouth is, 
"Good morning, would you like to try our new Cod Sandwich Combo?" 
"NO! I already made that decision 3 minutes ago while starting at the sign (KIDDING) but that is what I wanted to say...

7. Drive home, eat burger/fries/frosty 
(mine was vanilla, just so you know)

8. Upload pics, delete all but this one and play in Picmonkey, create this post 
AND for you number...

9. File this post  under TMI (to much information)