Friday, May 22, 2015

Abstract or NOT..

I used this as my new header in Addicted to Snap-ping my photo only blog.
I took the below ATTEMPT at taking an abstract photo into PicMonkey to FORCE it to be abstract and as usual
Got Carried Away and I used one of their Butterfly overlay

Same thing on this one.... below is what was in the camera, above is monkeyed with and I used my own butterfly photo on this one..

I am sure you are wondering WHY and here is the reason...
A few days ago, I visited Click'n Camera and found her post on taking abstract art photos. Her Photos are Amazing Abstracts..

My only excuse is she has better glass and pretty things to put under it. I had a chair cushion and a candy dish. I JUST KNOW that is why mine are not like hers.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

PicMonke, Me..the Art of Painting

Good Fence Thursday

Our fence  between our back yard and The Bratz Fort next door.

Back yard  gate.
We consider this a Good Fence, it keeps the dogs safe, protects neighborhood kids from our pool and gives us privacy.

Just for fun I ran Good Fence through Google Search and found there really is a good fence.

Bob's Nook Of Junk and plant hospital and his side of the gate.
That gate is 25 years old and still standing.