Monday, July 28, 2014

Caryota - Fish Tail Palm

If you were wondering what this is, it is one strand I pulled off of the pod below that our
Caryota or Fish Tail Palm has on it right now...

Previous Post on Fish Tail  scroll past today.

Below shows shows all the stages of the pods
The odd thing is, the squirrels love all the palm found berries but never touch these, neither do any of the other critters. The pods just go through the stages and fall off on the ground.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Embarrassing Moments

Saturday 7:30 AM at you know where.
New Hair spray found for my OLD hair. My hair is course and straight as a board and the glue hair spray I was using was killing my hair.

I found   "got 2 b rise n shine"
I LOVE IT... never saw it or heard of it. 
It holds all day, put the shine back and is soft to the touch.
Just so you know!

Embarrassing Moment from 1975  
I worked the desk for Sears Telephone Catalog... We sat in a row of desks with headsets on, madly taking Christmas orders. 

I completed my call and said to Beverly sitting next to me

"Can you believe this woman just bought 12 of these ugly pink glasses" She leaned over and said............

"Oh, I have that set"..........................

The funny thing is, now I like pink and would love these and I have them in green...

Share an embarrassing moment with us please.
Google Image of similar glassware.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Village of the Arts Houses of Many Colors

Village of the Arts owners must have a Crayola Box the size of Texas because almost every house has been colored...

There is a lesson here in all the colors...

We should all take lessons from Crayons
Some are dull
Some are beautiful
Some are ugly
Some are bright
But they all manage to live together in one box...

MadSnappers box of crayons

Our Village is in trouble, I hope they manage to pull it back together.. I found an article in our newspaper of plans to further develop and restore the village HERE

A blogger friends pig, Wynonna went over the rainbow bridge. If you would like to see how she lived for 18 years read this Remembering the Porcine Princess