Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Color me NOT Your Average Female

On a really cold day, 68 out and 70 inside, I took my Kindle to the kitchen door and joined Jake for a warm up... I would look up every now and then to enjoy the view.
SUDDENLY... I realized I could See Me in the reflection of the sliding glass door.
You Know The Rest Of The Story..

this photo out of camera.. above and below photos are dodged, burned, sharpened and  PicMonkeyed

On The First Day of December, a few things to Remember..
About ME...
SHOPPING is a chore, a really big bore.
I dislike cards and gifts even more.
No games, no practical jokes, No talking on the phone, No parties or entertaining.
No traffic, no crowds, no waiting in line.
All of these make me crazy all of the time.
I forget birthdays, anniversaries (including mine) and all holidays.
No decorations, No cooking, No baking
Color Me Not Your Average Female

NOTE: to avoid hurt feelings,  this post is to advise you not to stand by the mailbox waiting for gift/card from the MadSnapper because I think I might have a few MALE genes in my blood.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Blackberries Justified...

At heart I am a died-in-the-wool tightwad (cheapskate, penny pincher, miser, scrooge).

I stood looking at the box of Black Berries all the way from Guatemala on my Saturday AM weekly shopping trip. I put them in the basket returned them to the display, TWICE.

After I unpacked them, I opened the box and started to count them. Hubby watched from the breakfast bar with his eyebrows raised when I reached for the calculator.

"Just how much did you pay for those berries?"

"Why do you ask?" she says

My fingers danced on the calculator and I replied
"9 cents each"
there were 42 of them and I paid 3.78 for the box. (they did come a long way from home, probably charged for shipping)
hubbies eyebrows went higher...
 and he said
(did I mention we share tightwadism)

NOTE: the original post was from 2010, now that little berry cost 13 cents each

Everything turned out fine, I remembered the next day was my birthday and reached in the drawer and
"voila, a birthday cake with no fat" and my blackberries are justified.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sunrise from back yard

We live in a jungle, the sunrise is amazing almost every morning, I try and try to get a photo through the trees and wires.

Even though these are not clear and sharp, I love them..... what I captured through the leaves, shooting into the fiery sun.

Laugh with me NOW... this was the MOON going down that same morning, and can you tell my camera SLIPPED?