Tuesday, July 22, 2014

In Loving Memory of Jimmy

In Memory of Sweet Jimmy

My heart goes out to Krista Funk in the Yukon Territory, author of the blog Picture Imperfect, she has asked me to pass on to you, her Sweet Jimmy has passed over the rainbow bridge. She is heart broken as is her cat Oreo. Jimmy was her sweet little yellow buddy for many years... this message is for the bloggers who remember her. Her blog is no longer active.

You will find Krista on FB by searching Krista Funk, Whitehorse, Yukon Territory or email me for her email address. I know she will appreciate hugs and condolences.

MadSnapper - Good Morning America

Each morning while I am commenting on all your wonderful blogs, I have Good Morning America running in the background.... that is how this whole post came about. It Seems BIG BUSHY Eyebrows are back IN..,..

I never knew they were OUT, but when I heard this I heaved a big sigh of relief (mine have never been plucked).

The doctors are oh so happy that the STARS have  "over plucked" their eye brows... see below complements of Google Images

I can't believe I did not know this!

 OMG you have to try this. Google Images/stars without eyebrows...

Just so you know This is not Just A Tall Tale.

Now they are PAYING for Eyebrow Transplants...  Angelina paid $8000.00 for these.

THIS IS a LINK to watch the surgery.. I watched on TV and take this warning it is yucky.

After I studied all the STARS with NO eyebrows, I searched for Stars with Big eyebrows and through in  Messy Hair since both  are IN right now....

NOTE: I know this is true because I saw it with mine own eyes on TV...Plus I read it online.. did you doubt me?

In Google Images/ Stars with Big Eyebrows and found this lady who in IN because she has Messy Hair and Big Eyebrows...

Since she looks very much like Me... I had my hair and eyebrows done by PicMonkey and it did NOT cost  $8000.00

We are TWINS... Right? Right? except for the fact MY eyes are green and prettier than hers... I hope she sees this....

Monday, July 21, 2014

Village of the Arts 2014

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Bob and I wandered down through Village of the Arts and found this old home that in my book wins Most Colorful in the Village. I love it.. 

The Village is in our downtown area and the Artists live and work in restored old homes...
I last visited Village of the Arts in 2011. Click here for Former post on the Village

Yes... TexWisGirl, I know it has a Fence for Thursday but trust me I have MORE fences than I can post. The village is full of them.

Words to Ponder...

Why are they called buildings when they are already finished? Shouldn't they be called builts?
Why are they called apartments, when they're all stuck together?