Sunday, March 29, 2015

Dear Sandra, Love PicMonkey

Today at 5 AM I logged on to email and found ....

Dear Sandra, You have been searching for this your entire life but could not find the words..yada yada blah blah here is the tutorial on adding photos to TEXT... 

 Enjoy and love from your  beloved PicMonkey Staff.  

First I did a TEST and then.... you know the rest of the story....

Did you find ME in the TEST? I am there. PicMonkey Does It Again
Thanks PM for inventing TEXT MASK

Saturday, March 28, 2015

PicMonkey Easter Magic by MadSnapper

I used the two pics below to create the above in PicMonkey

I found this egg tree in my word clip art and used it as an overlay on the photo below. Added the chick and the egg from PM. The last step I used graphic novel in comic book.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Reaching for Reacher...

2 years with my Kindle Paperwhite e-reader, and I have read only two books that were NOT in my Kindle.

One of my favorite authors is Lee Child, having read all 17 of the Jack Reacher series last Sept. I received notice the new Reacher book number 18, Personal, was out.  The library had no Kindle copy, but they did have one copy of Large Print, which is all I can read these days. I put my name on the hold list and was # 75.. This past week I received a call my book was ready for pickup.

Things I learned while reading a printed book
It takes 74 people five months to read one book... (Write that down, so you don't forget it...)

A book that is  9 x 7 in size and 2 inches thick requires 2 hands to hold it. (Kindle is 1/4 inch thick and almost weightless and can be held in one hand).

That same book is awkward to hold while reading through progressive tri-focals. (Kindle fits right under my double chins, easy to see)

The book caused my arthritis to  HURT in fingers, wrists, shoulder and elbows, ( I can read for 4 hours at one time with the Kindle, the book required frequent rest breaks),

CONCLUSION? when number 19 comes out, I will have to buy the book.

Do you have a favorite author that you have read every book they wrote? I have many.

PS... I had to DRIVE to the library, 4 miles of TRAFFIC with many traffic signals plus the GAS it cost me.