Tuesday, February 9, 2016

1st Manatee County Courhouse 1860

If you walkn under the 100 year old oak, and around behind the school, from the rear of the school you
see the side view of the old courthouse.

Walk around front and enter the 1st Manatee County courthouse, built in 1860 by Eziekel Glazier.

The year is 1860, no need for a fire in the stove, it is a hot summer day, the flies are buzzing, the mosquitoes are waiting on you and the judge will step out through the door and  behind his desk any moment now.

The two tables wait for the lawyers or maybe not. you may be on your own...with only 2 people per sq mile in all of South Florida, there are not many lawyers. Or judges for that matter.

 Pick a bench and get ready for the show and HOPE that you
will not be sitting in the chair below, reserved for the Guilty... 
Back then justice was quick and you were guilty until proven innocent.
But they did provide a spittoon for you
It might be the last thing you do because you might be strung up in that tree if
it is The Hanging Judge

Monday, February 8, 2016

Stephens House-Manatee Historical Village

 HEY..HGTV.. this bedroom is ONLY 80 sq. feet and has no attached bathroom.. In fact the potty is out in the back yard.. The bath part is sitting on the dresser. Feel like crying? hold your home made teddy bear while rocking to comfort yourself.

Or step out on the back porch and enjoy the room while sitting in the porch swing.

Now get up and take 10 steps off the porch to pump the water for your bath and cooking...

I am so bad... this is a 7 AM update to this post... Guess what I forgot??? Bob says this morning whit our first cup of coffee... What is today's date? MS thinks a full minute and says OH!

Today is our 31st Anniversary and I totally forgot... and this is not the first time. soooo To Bob and Myself..

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Madnsapper crazy

While cleaning the fridge, I found a boiled egg, way back in the nether parts, no idea how or when it got there..

My hubby is now required by Federal Law to register as an Pilot of RC model Air Craft. He has to post in plain sight his AMA number and the Registration number on every plane he flies.
The govt. can't enforce the laws we have so they keep adding senseless laws. As in if someone were going to use a plane for MISCHIEF they would Just Not Register. 

You may not understand my specific kind of crazy,
but I hope you will admire my total commitment to it.

If the above quote is familiar,  you may have seen this card and quote on SnapEditScrap.. With Ann's permission I did a little re-write because it fits Her Madness the MadSnapper very well with a quick edit.
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