Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Heritage Week - The Drummer

While MadlySnapping the beautiful drum, the drummer picked it up and gave me a few rat-a-tat-tats.

I turned and there was the Baynews 9 Photographer aimed at us. OMG.. I backed up quickly and the pretty lady said. Are you from here? I said yes, and she said may we interview you on camera?

I said no thanks, and took a few snaps of the news guy taking a video of the drum.. I am thinking mine is just as good.... I hope MadSnapper doesn't show up snapping pics of the drummer..

Monday, March 2, 2015

Heritage Week - Confederate Army

Sunday, March 1, while reading about Heritage week,  I read in the paper the Confederate Army would be camping at Gamble Plantation.

Bob was coerced volunteered  to go with me to see The Confederate Army..

His comment was "It's not MY heritage, I am a Yankee..." (please don't remind me, she says)

Walking from the parking lot, the above shot is the mansion from the side, with clouds looming. Photo taken at 10:42 am Below is the front of Gamble Mansion, taken at 10:49..

the weather was perfect, cloud/sun/cloud/sun and 78 degrees. 
(Bob JOYFULLY followed me)

"LOOK BOB", there's the army...! !
we found the army TENT and FIRE.. 
One tent, One Fire means One man army... 
My comment "we did have more than a ONE man army" didn't we?

 Wait, there's the Bugler, the drummer boy and the lady camp follower.

.We spied a  Medic.. which was fine. we only needed one Medic to care for

 4 people. 

The bugler, the drummer and the medic and lady camp follower.
Just Sayin... again

TO BE CONTINUED....... the next post involves a One DRUM..... sitting by the One tent, with One Fire... 

CLICK HERE to see Confederate Army in 2010 same place same ME


Sunday, March 1, 2015

Happy Dance Sunshine, Carl and Hearing Aids

This is a 4 foot tall Mango tree that lives in a bucket and  we have no where to plant it.
 Bob continues to plant seeds in buckets Just Because He Can....

"Carl Cardinal 5 Note" is here announcing it is spring.. we call him 5 note because he sings the same 5 notes over and over and over... The good news is, Bob has his hearing aid back. One of them quit and went to be repaired for TEN days... He could not hear Carl but he also could not hear ME. 

Happy Dance for Sunshine, Carl and Hearing aids...