Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Bob and the Bandits

Sharing my favorite pic of hubby Bob on his 78th Birthday.
Today is Bob's 78th Birthday, Happy Birthday Hubby.

Today is also the 30th anniversary of the first time he kissed me...

At 3:30 PM on his 48th birthday..before we even had a date.

PS... Bob has survived 78 years of dirty door knobs, so all you germaphobes stop fretting...

A few years ago, Bob was driving home from the flying club, on State Rd 64, a one way, East only,  with 3 lanes and much traffic.

As he approached the intersection at the hospital he saw a white Cadillac zooming through the hospital parking lot, and it raced on to the road THE WRONG WAY coming straight at him with 2 police cars in hot pursuit..

YES, there were cars in both lanes but further back and they missed all of them but Bob.

Re-creation...thank you Google earth and Images

THE WRONG WAY.... there was no where to go, so he stopped...

 the Cadillac stopped slid to a stop and tapped his hood, 4 doors burst open and 4 men ran in all directions, the cop cars stopped, their doors burst open, the police bailed out with guns in hand,  one yelled as he raced by , ARE YOU OK?

Bob thought he was caught up in the making of a Bruce Willis movie...

 Since his car was trapped by 3 cars he could not move and he had to wait until the cops came back and filled out a report.

The police officer asked Bob if he could describe them. He said NO, all I saw were knees ,elbows dread locks a flying

The Cadillac was car jacked from a little old lady and had been used to rob a bank. the chase scene was ON Until They Met My Hubby.... He stopped the race all by himself.

No damage to Bob, no one was shot, and the car had a small dent that he just left there. and MadSnapper had an exciting story to tell her blogger friends.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fall Colors - Florida style

Monday September 29th, I searched high and low for fall colors in my backyard.. I found the purple passion plant had grown itself in a perfect wreath on the fence.

I found water droplets on the elephant ears

And then thought... I AM THE MADSNAPPER... 

Hello PicMonkey/Hello FALL COLORS
But WAIT! there's MORE......

Pink Hibiscus, blooms year round
  I did find True Fall Colors, in fact Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter colors here.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Xtra ! Xtra ! - Read all about it...

Bradenton Herald News Headlines that caught my attention. 

Click on pic above for article

It seems THEY  think Olive Garden is giving away to many free breadsticks and that is why they are in financial trouble.. They say It is NOT the fact you give all you can eat bread sticks, but you need to just give them ONE at a Time...

(read article to find out who, why, when and where) 


OH NO.... Please...Wash your hands everyone

I got a chuckle out of this one, Florida TOOL lane? make that Toll lanes


WHAT???? check in hand he whacked it 3 times and each time the web cam took his pic and the guards recognized him..

       Color  ME Flabbergasted!!!