Saturday, September 20, 2014

Cobwebs and Light

You did not see me in blogland, posting or commenting because Thursday AM  I flipped on the light in The Nook  and ..............

 was HORRIFIED to see a Cobweb, 2 feet long, from the light in the ceiling down to the bottom shelf..  (am I admitting this on LIVE INTERNET??)

There is a lot of glass in this Nook.......Click on colored link to Once Upon A Nook to see the story and why I have a love/hate relationship with it..

Do cobwebs love light?      Is that why they are on the lampshades?      

 Why do they hang from the ceiling?

Who makes the webs? Spiders? why don't I see the webs UNTIL they are long and stringy?

why don't we see them when they are 3 inches not 20 inches long?

Do they just appear? create themselves?

OH MY GOODNESS they ARE CREATED by SPIDERS, even the tiny ones that hang from the where are all these spiders, I don't see them?

For details on   Where do cobwebs come from? CLICK HERE   or not...

. If you are bored to tears and need to kill time Click on  NOOK  photos I have taken over the years..

Friday, September 19, 2014

In Memory of Duke..

I am sitting here with tears rolling down my cheeks, our dear friend Duke has gone over the rainbow bridge...  Ann, you know I loved Duke... this is a repost in his memory. to visit Ann click on SnapEditScrap...

Click on photos for the best view in slide show..

Ann of SnapEditScrap and I, have found we are sisters under the skin when it comes to play time in Photoshop. We both love to add and subtract and filter and do STUFF to photos. I have grabbed a few ideas from things she posted. She suggested we have a Duel. I grabbed her dog Duke from her blog and she grabbed my dogs from my blog and here we are today. Dueling Darlings using our Darlings.

Baby and Duke are laying in the Gulf Fritteary Butterfly Incubator.
(a bit of a TRICK since they live 1028 miles apart, but with a little help, they managed to meet and play)

Jake and Duke with their favorite toys. Don't they look like they love walking on our pool deck together?

Of Course Dogs talk!

 I had so much fun I thought Black and White, why not. Can't wait to see what Ann thought up. Why don't you POP OVER to see what tricks Ann pulled out of her hat  Photoshop

Don't forget to pop over and see what Ann came up with.... or maybe you have already been there.

THE END run free Sweet Duke

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

In The Zone

No fly from 6:15pm Tomorrow night to 2:45 Wednesday

When this article showed up in the newspaper, I waited for The Email.

It arrived Tuesday AM and stated  AMA Members, (American Modelers Assc)

 No fly from 6:15 pm Tuesday night to 2:45 pm Wednesday. no fly zone map attached

Bob spends 2 hour a day at the park
Does this plane look dangerous? does this man look dangerous?

Well we live with in the circles........better known as The No Fly Zone....

 Hubby is grounded. He can't fly his planes in the park because You Know Who is coming to Tampa....  click here for former Post on Planes

We have gone to the BEACH where I took this photo, me to snap and him to swim.... see you all later.....

UPDATE IS NO BEACH TODAY and THEY Say it will Rain All Day.