Monday, September 1, 2014

September Morn.........Labor Day 2014

created with a color book page, Photoshop and PicMonkey
The first Monday of September is a holiday to honor working men and women.

Finding The Right Job.. by  GuySports
  • I took a job at UPS, but I couldn't express myself.

  • I tried being a fireman, but I suffered burnout.

  • I became a banker, but I lacked interest and maturity, 
  • and finally withdrew from the job.

  • I was a professional fisherman, but I couldn't live on my net income.

  • I next worked in a shoe factory, but I just didn't fit in. They thought I was a loafer, and I got the boot.

  • I worked at Starbucks, but I had to quit because it was always the same old grind.

Drawn with sketchy pencils in photoscape and edited PicMonkey

I took a job as an upholster, but I never recovered.

           So I retired and I find this job is the perfect Fit for me,

            I labored to animate Jake in Photoscape....with 2 still shots.

If you want to see awesome bear pics from Sweden CLICK HERE

Saturday, August 30, 2014

This Was The Week That Was...

8/27/2014 - Mega $$$$ paid for car insurance, and homeowners for the year. This happens every year..this year Murphy kicked in. for 25 years they were due a month apart, but DUE TO ERROR by Homeowners it ended up both due on same day...

SAME DAY , Baby Girl got sick , vet bill 270.00.  antibiotics for urinary tract infection BUTT it could be the big tumor she has... she is on her 5th pill and no better... waiting and watching. (we are now on the way to almost 3,000 in 2 days)

Thursday, the AC started acting weird, as in having to turn it off and back on to get it to run... 
Friday night at bedtime, Bob the handy man noticed the compressor was running and running and no fan to blow the air. The silly thing is ON and will not turn off unless we Throw The Switch at the breaker box...Thank you Lord I married a handyman... 


AC man, per voice mail.... they are closed on the week ends.. still waiting to hear from him..I did push the button for emergency.. that was 3 hours ago...

Murphy's Law is WHY  things break only on Weekends, even teeth know to break on a week end.

The good news is 4 years ago when we had to wait a week for a part for the AC with NO AC at all, we purchased the trusty little, plug in the wall AC unit, 129.00 at Walmart, and Billy Bob kept it in the garage/airplane hanger  and it will keep the bedroom cool for sleeping. 

While Rome Burns, MadSnapper PLAYS...
THREE STRIKES and we are hopefully OUT of things that cost MONEY.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Zentangle Challenge Friday

with pen

In a prior post, Zentangle Challenge, I ask anyone who wanted to play, to create a Zentangle and post on Friday...

After watching this Cindy Angiel YouTube video of BASIC Advanced BEGINNER instructions, I found I have NO gift for Zentangle on paper as seen above and below.

with pencil and sharpies

MadSnapper Muttering at the kitchen table: "  "This is just to HARD.".. "my head is hurting and I am so stressed my shoulders are aching". 

Bob, sitting at the counter with his snack, said
"Well, why don't you just quit?"

"I can't, I challenged the bloggers, I have to create Something"

 I GAVE UP paper and pen... and went to PicMonkey.... ...and found my Zen was there...

Zentangles above and below by MadSnapper completed in PicMonkey.

It is not to late to play... post it today or any day.